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Professional and Governmental Agencies



CA Board of Accountancy

NV Board of Accountancy


State Offices

CA - Sec of State                                               

CO - Sec of State

NE - Sec of State 

NV - Sec of State

AZ - Sec of State

NY - Dept. of State

MI - Sec of State

HI - Sec of State

UT - Sec of State

VA - Sec of State

News and Information

Journal of Accountancy

Fortune Magazine

Fox Business News

CNN Headline News

The Wall Street Journal

Helpful Tools and Information:

IRS Publications:

  • Pub 17 Federal Income Tax For Individuals 2016
  • Pub 15 - (Circular E) Employer's Tax Guide 2017
  • Pub 541 - Partnership 2016
  • Pub 542 - Corporations 2016

Federal Tax Forms:

Source: IRS.gov

Guidance how to become:

- Certified Public Account or C.P.A. - check with your State Board of Accountancy 

- Enrolled Agent or E.A. - check with the Internal Revenue Service website: www.irs.gov

- Certified Auditor or C.A.

- Certified Managerial account or C.M.A.

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Last updated: 03/04/2017